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September 2021

Witness swearing on the bible telling the truth in the court room

The Pros and Cons of Pleading Guilty

By Bail Bonds
Whenever there is a crime involved and one person has been accused, he or she might have two endings: plead guilty or go to trial. But before proceeding to trial or something more, the accused can get help from a 24 hour bail bonds company.  In this case, considering whether the accused is innocent is really an important thing and substantial. Now, let’s discuss what are the good things and consequences of pleading guilty:  Pros When the accused pleads guilty, he or she is confronting the case head-on, meaning he…
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24-hour bail bonds company

The Risks Of Not Posting Bail As Soon As Possible

By Bail Bonds, News
When being arrested, you can have an option to post bail and be granted temporary freedom while your case is ongoing. But for some, they just choose to stay locked up until the trial is over due to high bail amounts. But not exercising the right to bail can sacrifice some other important things.  #1. The Risk Of Self-Incrimination When you do not post bail as soon as possible, you are at risk of having information to be used against you. While you are in custody, prosecutors can easily ask…
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Colorado’s Gun Laws

How Colorado’s Gun Laws are Abdicated on Domestic Violence Cases

By Bail Bonds, News
People have used guns for centuries to protect themselves from possible harm. In today’s world, guns have not been only used for protection and security but also for sports and recreation. However, the right to own a gun has also increased the number of people using firearms for crimes and wrongdoings. In the United States, each state has established gun laws and regulations to control the purchase and use of guns. There are two different ways in which a person can carry firearms: open carry is the act of carrying…
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