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December 2020

denver jail bond

The Financial Ramifications Of An Arrest And How to Minimize Them

By Bail Bonds, News
Getting arrested even for a short period can have grave financial consequences not just for the arrestees but also for their families.  According to this research, in 2016, the financial burden of the 2.2 million incarcerated individuals and their families total 29.9 Billion USD.  This cost factors in lost earnings, adverse health effects, and the damage to the arrested individual's families. Upfront, the direct costs of an arrest include paying for a legal defense if you don't get qualified to have a public defender, fees for the court process, and…
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colorado inmate search


By Bail Bonds
There are different ways to search for an inmate in Colorado. However, before finding your loved one's location facility, you have to prepare pertinent information about the offender. These pieces of information are the offender's complete name, age, date of birth, date and time of the arrest, location of the arrest, and the alleged crime or offense.  - Go to the detention facility physically. Once you realized that your loved one has been arrested and detained in jail, your automatic reaction would be to drive to the detention facility right…
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