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February 2021

colorado inmate search

Most Common Crimes in Colorado

By Bail Bonds

In an overview, Colorado crime rates have been in fluctuation. The number of violent crimes is slightly increasing every year, while property crimes decline. That is also true with the population of detained people in prison. That is why detainees need to be in the proper detention facility to easily find family members through inmate locator Colorado.  If you have loved one who has been recently arrested, utilize Colorado inmate search to send immediate help. To further understand Colorado’s crime rate, here is the list of the most common crimes…

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dui vs dwi dwai

DUI vs. DWAI: Is there a Difference in Colorado?

By Bail Bonds, News

Under Colorado State law, any person is prohibited from driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs or while the person’s ability to drive has been impaired due to alcohol or drug consumption. These offenses are so-called “DUI” and DWAI” offenses.  What Does DUI Mean? DUI stands for “Driving Under the Influence” of alcohol or drugs. The name itself means an individual has violated the law prohibiting a person from driving or operating any motor vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Additionally, drug impairment is limited…

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