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When being arrested, you can have an option to post bail and be granted temporary freedom while your case is ongoing. But for some, they just choose to stay locked up until the trial is over due to high bail amounts. But not exercising the right to bail can sacrifice some other important things. 

#1. The Risk Of Self-Incrimination

When you do not post bail as soon as possible, you are at risk of having information to be used against you. While you are in custody, prosecutors can easily ask the people around like jail officers and other inmates that can also be a witness against you. Additionally, all the phone calls are recorded and being listened to by the prosecution. The longer you stay in jail, the higher the risk of self-incrimination. You can contact your trusted 24 hour bail bonds company to get you out of that environment as soon as possible.

#2. The Risk Of Losing Employment

We all know that being arrested sucks, but we can also consider that it hurts the people around you as well. For example, being in jail means an unexpected vacancy of your job responsibility which can also impact your employer. Even if you are innocent, your employer has the ability to fire you especially when you are starting to miss out on a significant number of days at work. For business people, being in jail can lose clients and partners and can also taint your brand and reputation. 

#3. The Risk Of Being Abused Or Sick/span>

It is a very uncomfortable experience being locked in prison. Detention centers and prisons are usually cramped and unhygienic, which makes it easy to have an outbreak of diseases. Also, being locked up can take its toll on your mental health which can trigger anxiety and depression.

We might be familiar with the fact that prisons are very prone to violence and harassment, which is also why it is very risky to stay here much longer. Even with tight security measures, being around dangerous people can be an unpleasant experience. Good news is, there are good yet cheap bail bonds Denver CO services that you can call for help to make you avoid these ordeals. 

#4. Ultimately, The Risk Of Losing The Case

Being locked up much longer than expected can be very disadvantageous to your defense. Working with your attorney can be very difficult, and communication can get really challenging. Your attorney will have to schedule a meeting for a very limited time just to have a conversation with you and get the information they need for your case. This can be easily done when you are out of custody, while also being free of the other risks mentioned above.

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