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May 2018

How to Use the Federal Inmate Locator

By Uncategorized
The Federal Inmate Locator is a giant database containing information about all inmates who have been incarcerated from 1982 to the present. This service is provided for and managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and may be accessed online. The locator also contains records of people who have been taken into custody with the Federal Bureau of Prisons but did not serve time for reasons such as dismissal of charges, etc. Basically, the Federal Inmate Locator is an extremely helpful tool in identifying where an inmate is housed, as…
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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Bail Agent

By Bail Bonds
The services of a bail bonds company is one of those things no one thinks they need... until they do. And as a leading bail bond company in Denver, Red's AnyTime Bail Bonds knows this all too well. It’s a call we never want to make, but when our family members (or even us) need help, it’s important to have at least the most basic knowledge regarding the entire bail bonds procedure. How can you protect yourself? By asking these 5 questions 1. How much do bail bonds cost? Typically,…
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