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There are different ways to search for an inmate in Colorado. However, before finding your loved one’s location facility, you have to prepare pertinent information about the offender. These pieces of information are the offender’s complete name, age, date of birth, date and time of the arrest, location of the arrest, and the alleged crime or offense. 

– Go to the detention facility physically. Once you realized that your loved one has been arrested and detained in jail, your automatic reaction would be to drive to the detention facility right away to offer help. However, there are different jail policies in each facility that you might need to know before visiting your loved one in jail. In this way, your time and effort won’t be wasted. 

– Call the jail or prison. Suppose you believe that your loved one has been incarcerated in a specific facility. In that case, you can call the jail’s contact number or the CDC’s telephone inmate locator Colorado at 719-226-4480 to confirm the detention details. 

– Use an online inmate locator Colorado. The Colorado Department of Corrections maintained an online Colorado inmate search, which is Please keep in mind that the updated facility assignment will be reflected within 24 hours.

How to contact an offender?

You can contact an offender from the facility through email, telephone number, or U.S mail, provided that you have an active account to use the service. In general, the Colorado Inmate Search Phone system manages outbound and inbound phone calls in the facility. At the same time, the JPay platform is used for receiving and sending emails. 

Additionally, suppose you want to send messages or letters through U.S mail. In that case, you have to include the mail information such as the offender’s name, number, facility, facility mailing address, and return address. 

Each detention facility may have different jail policies; that’s why it is better to contact the appropriate county or state prison about their policies.

How to send money to an offender?

You have the option to send money to your loved one who has been incarcerated in a Colorado detention facility through GTL, Western Union, and JPay. You can either send them money online or via telephone using your debit or credit card. 

How to visit an inmate in a Colorado facility?

Detention facilities in Colorado have a list which contains approved people to visit an inmate. And as long as your name appears on that list, you can see your loved one in the detention facility. 

To be part of the approved list, you have to complete and mail a visitor application form to the specific facility. On the other hand, minors or children must have a visitation form, and a parent or guardian’s signature authorizing the visit.

Suppose you have other concerns about specific detention facility’s policies, you may inquire directly to the jail’s office or to a professional bail bond agent, which may also help you process the temporary release of your loved one. You may call Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds at 303-623-2245.