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Getting someone out of jail is not a common thing and if it’s your first time bailing out a loved one or friend, it could be complicated and hard to understand the process. 

So first of all, what is bail? Bail is the amount of money a defendant needs to post to be awarded a temporary release from jail until their trial. The judge decides the amount of bail and will depend on several factors and most of the time, bail will come in an exorbitant amount and is harder to pay in cash. If you want to help your loved one or friend to get out of jail but find it hard to get enough cash to pay the court, hiring a bail bondsman can make it much more affordable. There are trusted 24 hour bail bonds agencies available in almost all states, particularly in Colorado.

A bail bondsman or sometimes called a bail bonds person can make all the necessary arrangements on the behalf of the defendant for their release from custody through an agreement that the defendant will appear on the trial date set by the court. Sounds easy, right?

Before jumping in the bail bond wagon, here are some key questions to ask your potential bail bondsman:

1. Are you a licensed bondsman?

Of course, the first question you need to ask is if the bail bondsman has a license to prove that he/she is authorized to process the bail of your loved one. Licensed bail bondsmen,  particularly in Denver bonds, are required to secure professional qualifications, complete all training and educational requirements, and even pass a bail bonding agent exam. Since bail bonds are a regulated industry, it is important to work only with bondsmen that have proof of license in the particular state they are offering their services.

2. Can you walk me through the bail bond process?

For people who have never heard of bail bonds or first-timers in availing them, it is important to understand the process. Thus, before agreeing and signing a bail contract, ask your 24 hour bail bonds agency to explain the terms of the contract. 

In most cases, you would want your loved one to get out of jail fast. However, not all cases are created equal. It really depends on the jail’s processing time. Nevertheless, a bail bondsman will explain to you how the bail process is done and will do all it takes to prepare all necessary documents to expedite the process. Always remember that you should not trust a bail bondsman that gives you an exact estimate on how quickly your loved one gets out of jail since they don’t have the power to release the defendant on their own terms.

3. How much do you charge for your services?

This is one of the most important questions you need to ask your bail bondsman since, in the first place, you decided to work with a bail bonds agency since they are more affordable. Normally, bail bondsmen charge 10% of the bail amount. This is considered the bail bond fee and is nonrefundable. Ask your bail bondsman the mode of payment and if this will be paid upfront.

Most often, if cash payments are not possible, they can accept personal property or valuable assets as collateral and will be returned once the fee has been paid. Ask if they also have flexible terms for an easier and hassle-free transaction.

If your loved one has been arrested and needs a bail bondsman, the trusted Denver bonds experts in Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds are ready to answer all your questions about the bail bond process. Don’t worry, they are licensed and experienced bondsmen that offer flexible payment terms for your needs. Call now!