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Bail bond companies have a responsibility to respect the privacy of every customer they engage with. Being arrested may be more than just an embarrassment; it can also jeopardize the defendant’s profession and livelihood. At Denver bonds Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds, we protect your privacy and will do all in our ability to keep you anonymous. Here are a few examples of how our bail bondsmen may assist you while maintaining your privacy and keeping your arrest out of the public view.

We will meet you at a discrete area

You are not compelled to go to a bail bondsman’s office whenever you meet with them. Don’t be ashamed if you’re spotted heading into a Denver bond. Most bail bond agents are accommodating and will meet you at a different place. Many persons who co-sign for the bond will not want to be questioned about who they are bailing out. It doesn’t matter what your motivations are. Your bail bondsman will not question you. Instead, they will give you another venue to do your transaction. Coffee shops, restaurants, and even your own house are excellent places to meet with a bail bondsman. Public places are also excellent places to meet.

You will be able to ask them any questions you have regarding the bond procedure at this meeting. Because the bond has most certainly already been acquired, you may be wondering what occurs next. You may ask them questions regarding the court appearance or any other follow-up legalities that are expected of you.

If you want to meet your bail bondsman at their office, you can do so as well. We are adaptable and will always work with your fair requests.

We welcome private phone calls

Keeping anything secret nowadays may appear impossible. Our bail bonds firm, on the other hand, may receive collect calls that mask any information you want to remain private. Collect calls are often made from the arresting facility or jail where you are being kept. 

Collect calls are also excellent possibilities for you to have a private discussion that is not recorded on your smartphone. It allows you to hold an untraceable discussion with a bail bonds firm to preserve your privacy while still obtaining the services you require to get out of jail. This is particularly important for co-signers who do not wish to utilize public phone lines. 

For example, someone may be at work when they receive a phone call requesting that they bail out a buddy from jail. They may prefer to utilize a public phone to conduct a collect call to acquire bail bonds in Orlando to avoid having to answer unpleasant questions. This provides them with the privacy they want in order to feel at ease.

We can get rid of home monitoring systems

If you or a companion has been jailed for liquor offenses, you may be required to wear a home monitoring system to measure your alcohol intake. If you work with a trustworthy and well-known bonds firm, you may be able to avoid using this monitoring method. This means you won’t have to explain yourself to anyone because nothing will be different for them to observe.

This will save you from needing to wear a monitoring bracelet or utilize a blood alcohol monitor all across the household. When you detach the bracelet, you will have more liberty to do whatever you want as long as you satisfy the provisions of your bail. You must continue to remain out of trouble and attend your appearance in court, as well as any other court cases settled upon at the time of your discharge.

We are a 24 hour bail bonds

Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds, as the leading among the 24 hour bail bonds companies, is quick to solve phones and post bail 24/7 so you may call or meet with us whenever it is convenient for you. Not only does this assist offenders get out on bond faster, but co-signers may meet with us at the most private time of day, without needing to leave work early or cause alarm from relatives.

We offer exclusive agreements 

Many bail bond providers will lay out the whole contract into such an agreement that details any expectations or restrictions to follow. You have the option in this arrangement to limit contact between both the bail bondsman and the other involved parties, including that of the co-signer and defendant. If you are uneasy having an open line of contact with your bail bondsman, you can choose to reduce communications.


We understand that the bail bond process can be confusing, and we’re here to help. If you have questions about your options, or just want some more information on what steps you need to take to get the bail bond process started, please contact Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds today. Our friendly representatives are available around the clock via phone or email to answer your questions and guide you through each step of the process.