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After an arrest, charges have been filed against the accused and it will be read during the arraignment and is required to take a plea. But before the determination of the case, the defendant may remain in custody for the period of the trial while waiting for the determination of the case.  The good thing is the accused or the defendant doesn’t necessarily need to stay in custody for a long period of time as the law allows the posting of the bail. In Colorado, Denver bail bonds  is a concept where the defendant is required to deposit a certain amount of money or property with the court. This is meant to secure the release, pending the completion of the trial.  

Since arrests are unexpected most of the time, most people are unable to post bail especially when the amount is too high for them. The good thing is there are Denver bail bonds that can help to pay the bond for a fee. 

To recap, the bondsman gives a written statement to the courts on behalf of the defendant and agrees to pay the full amount if the accused misses his or her trial dates.

Obtaining Bail Money from the Court

Once the bail is paid, the accused has the right to get the money back as long as the accused did not violate the bail conditions that were set. The decision during the trial does not affect the bail condition in any way but after the completion, if the trial, there would be two possible outcomes – the bail money can be refunded back or the bail amount is forfeited. 

Bail Refund

As mentioned, a bail refund is not based on a criminal trial. It is being refunded to the payer after the trial but depends on the type of bail issued and the payment jurisdiction. After the release of the bail, the court will keep some amount from it as an administrative fee.

Bail Forfeiture

When a defendant fails to appear in a hearing or fails to comply with the various conditions, the amount used for bail is forfeited. However, the defendant can file reinstatement of the bail through a lawyer petition. Of course, the defendant must present a good reason why they missed the court hearing.

Getting Bail Money from Denver Bail bonds

If the accused posted bail with the help of the Denver bail bonds, the agency will charge a fee for the services provided. If the defendant complies with the bail conditions until the end of the trial, the bail bonds agency will release the collateral held or lien out of the security agreement.

Bond Forfeiture

On the other hand, if the accused failed to appear in court, the bondsman has the mandate to look for the accused and physically present the defendant before the court. The court usually allows the bondsman to find the accused once he/she violated the bail terms. If they present the accused to the court on the given time frame, the bondsman will not be required to pay the bail amount in full.


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