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You are worried about your loved one and trying to find out where he or she might be incarcerated. Finding someone in jail could take you weeks, but thanks to advancements in technology, you can now locate the person you are looking for – online and for free.

You need to have pertinent information to locate the inmate successfully. The inmate’s full name, the ID number of the inmate, the location of the facility, and other personal data can be used to Denver county inmate search. Once you have all the identifying information, you can go online to conduct the search.

Here are the top inmate locators for finding an offender:

The County Jail’s Website

Most county jails maintain their own websites with an inmate roster. If you are not sure of your county’s official website, simply type in the county name and the keyword phrases. For example, you are trying to search for an inmate imprisoned in Denver, you can type “Denver county inmate search” or put the word “jail” to narrow down your search. In case the offender was incarcerated just recently in the county jail, the information might not appear on the website yet. You can call the office for a Denver county jail inmate search directly.

The State Department of Corrections website

Just like searching using the county’s website, you can locate the inmate by typing the name of the state and keyword phrases such as “department of corrections.” From there, you can choose to enter the name of the inmate or the Department of Corrections (DOC) number for a specific result. This website also allows you to register online so you can be notified of the status of the inmate. This notification is also known as the Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) service.

The Bureau of Federal Prisons Website

You can get here the custodial status and other information of the inmates who are imprisoned in the federal prison through the Bureau of Federal Prisons’ website. Aside from the last name of the offender, you can search using the BOP number of the inmate or FBI number. Narrow down your search by adding information such as age, sex, and race.

Inmates Plus Website

The Inmates Plus is a free online service that lets you search someone in state prison or county jail. It is updated daily and contains accurate data.

VINELink Inmate Lookup

If you already know the location of the offender you are searching for, use the VINELink Inmate Lookup. It provides essential information about the inmate’s custody status and criminal case. However, Vinelink only has data for Denver county jail inmate search and state prisons.

Use the inmate’s information such as the state where he/she was  incarcerated, Offender ID number, and full name. Through this website, you can also be notified about the progress of the inmate’s status, whether he is transferred or released. You will receive a notification either via email or phone.

Inmate search is your first step toward obtaining expedited freedom for your loved one! If you need to get an incarcerated loved one out of jail fast? Visit Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds for a dependable bail bond service or call 303-623-2245 today.