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If your family or loved ones are being detained before trial, it’s important to get them out right away without delay. According to an article from Americas Quarterly, being held in prison not only affects the detainee but their families as well because of the personal, financial, social and even emotional, mental and physical costs. Being detained can cause losses in wages from possible employment termination, this takes a toll on the person and their family because of the inability to pay for support, housing and bills.

Here are the important things you need to do immediately to get someone you love out of jail ASAP:

  1. Find out where the person is detained. Large cities’ police departments and sheriff’s department have different holding locations. This is when a Denver inmate search comes in handy. The sooner you find where exactly he or she is, the sooner you can start the process of getting them out of jail.
  2. Find out the person’s status. If your loved one is in jail, they have to undergo a booking process. Sometimes it takes a long time and if the precinct is busy then a person will have to wait before all the required paperwork, photos and fingerprinting can be done. By going through a Denver county inmate search, you might be able to get complete information on the booking status of your family or friend.
  3. Call a bail bondsman. After utilizing a Denver county inmate search, you will be able to verify the detention of your family or loved one and inquire about bond details. As soon as you find out the bail amount, especially if it is quite high and you do not have available funds, contact a professional, licensed bail bondsman immediately. They will be able to fulfil the bail requirement and ask you for only a percentage as their fee. In return for being set free by posting bail, the person will need to fulfill the conditions by showing up at all scheduled court dates.

If you are looking for a reliable Denver inmate search, Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds offers that feature to everyone through their website. We proudly serve the entire Front Range area and if you believe that your family member or loved one has been detained at the Denver City or County jail, verify their detention through our inmate locator.

As one of Denver’s leading bail bonds services, we are here to help you with the bonding process 24/7. Visit our inmate locator page or contact us for any bail concerns today!