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After an arrest, it is not uncommon for people involved to feel anxious and stressed out. If the mere thought of spending time inside a jail cell is too much to bear, how would you take it if you are booked and bound to stay in jail? The only thing you may be thinking at this point is to post bail to obtain release as quickly as possible.

While posting bail seems easy, it has certain pitfalls that can jeopardize your release. These are the blunders that you need to avoid when posting bail:

Getting the Wrong Bail Agency

When hiring a bail bondsman, you should look for one who is honest, experienced, licensed to carry out their profession, and provides bondsman service in Denver 24 hours a day. Hiring a bad bail agency can lead to delay or even worse – failure to secure your release. To avoid this from happening:

  • Ask your lawyer for names of trustworthy bail agencies
  • Avoid bail agencies that are too cheap; they are less likely to provide unsatisfactory service
  • Choose a bail bond company with a good reputation and rapport with defense lawyers and authorities – like a 24 hour bondsman in Denver.

Lying to the Court or the Bail Agency

This is how our courts work: When you apply for bail, you will be asked to answer several questions both by the judge and your bail company. These questions are all meant to point out that you are willing and able to abide by the bail conditions set forth by the court.

The questions are typically basic but you need to to be truthful. This will prevent your bail or bail bond from being revoked as a consequence of a lie. If your bail is revoked, you’ll certainly go back to jail.

Getting the Wrong Co-Signer

A bail bondsman cannot provide bail bond to defendants who don’t have enough collateral to cover the cost of the bond. Hence, a co-signer is often required if the amount of bail is too high for you.

Getting the right co-signer for the bail bond is critical. It can have an influence on the bondsman’s decision to approve or reject your application for bail.

Missing Court Dates

After posting bail with a 24/7 bail bonds agency in Denver you are bound by the bail conditions to show up for all of your appointed court dates. If you miss a date, you will forfeit the bail amount and be rearrested!

If you or your loved one is arrested in Denver, you should call a trustworthy 24/7 bail bonds agent in Denver. Call us today at (303) 623-2245