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Upon receiving a call that a loved one just got arrested and needs help, many people are confused and unsure who to call first for help – a lawyer or a bail bondsman? This is a big question many concerned relatives of arrested individuals are confronted with.

If you are one of those who are faced with a similar problem, the best, outright answer would be – call both. Hiring a bail bondsman and a lawyer at the same time is beneficial because:

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Hiring a lawyer right after an arrest gives you time and opportunity to establish your defense out of jail. Being in a jail cell can be stressful and uncomfortable.

However, if you are like 69% of Americans whose savings is less than $1,000, hiring a lawyer and a bail bondsman at the same time is definitely not an option you can afford. If someone gets arrested, you really need to choose one at a time – and the first you should hire should be a provider of cheap bail bonds in Denver that attorneys trust.

Here are good reasons why a bail agent should be the first to receive a call from you:

A lawyer can’t really get you out of jail after an arrest but a bail bondsman can.

When someone gets arrested, your first concern would be to obtain release and hiring a bail agent is your best approach to reach that objective.

Bail can give the defendant a better position to defend his/her innocence.

Let’s face it. Lots of suspects admit to a crime they did not commit because of a plea bargain offered by prosecutors. During a plea bargain, the prosecutor asks the defendant to take a plea for a crime in exchange for a chance to be allowed to go home. This can sometimes lure the defendant to let go of his right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. It also raises the prosecutor’s conviction rate which is one of their primary goals.

But if the defendant is set free on bail, prosecutors are less likely to offer a plea bargain. This puts a defendant in a better position to defend his case.

Without the help of a bail bondsman, a stay in county jail is certain.

If you are arrested and detained in a local jail, you will be transferred to a county jail unless you are bailed out of jail within hours after your arrest. As you might have guessed, a local jail is bad, but a county jail can be worse. Seeking the help of a cheap bondsman in Denver right after an arrest is almost always a smart move.

Hiring a lawyer isn’t necessarily a guarantee of liberty.

Lawyers are professionals and their profession seeks their commitment to uphold the law. They pledge to exhaust all legal means to assert your innocence to keep you free from the guilty verdict.

But as far as temporary freedom is concerned, it’s always the bail bondsman who can bail you out of jail while your case is pending in court. It allows you to live normally out of jail while waiting for your court date.

Only bail can get you out of jail quickly.

There are at least three types of bail and all of them can help obtain your quick release from jail.

Even if you hire a lawyer after an arrest, you will still need bail to avoid spending time in jail. If the judge doesn’t let you go on personal recognizance, or you don’t have enough money to pay the bail in cash, your best option would be to seek the help of a bail bondsman like Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds, the trusted cheap bail bonds Denver provider.

We are licensed and authorized to post a bail bond or surety bond in exchange for your temporary freedom.

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