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If you’ve been arrested, you’re probably anxious to get out of jail and get back to your family. But first, you’ll need to post bail. Even with the help of a Denver 24-hour bail bonds company, this can be a confusing procedure. There are several different types of bail ranging from personal recognizance to a surety bond. How does a judge determine which type to apply and come up with the amount you have to pay?

While it may seem random, there are several things the court takes into consideration when determining the amount of bail and type of bond you must provide in exchange for your freedom. Once you understand the process, you’re one step closer to contacting a Denver bail bonds service and getting back to your life.

Bail Should Be Fair

The judge will look at your current financial situation when determining bail. This includes your employment status and history. They cannot set bail at an amount that’s oppressive without other negative indicators. If you’ve been arrested for murder or another violent crime and the judge considers you a flight risk, your bail will probably be higher. Also, if you’re arrested for a transgression that is only punishable by a fine, the amount of your bail cannot exceed the maximum penalty of that fine.

Family and Community Connections

Your family should be your support system, which is why the judge will consider the extent and nature of family and community relationships when weighing their decision. If someone reputable is willing to step up to make sure you attend your court hearings and provide you with a positive character reference, the judge may set your bail at a more reasonable fee. Having strong ties to your community is also a positive consideration because it means you’re less likely to flee the jurisdiction.

Past Criminal History

Prior criminal record probably plays the largest part in determining your bail amount as well as the current offense you’re charged with and how likely you are to be convicted. The judge will also look at how you acted if you were released pending trial for a previous offense. Did you appear in court as required? Your past actions will either hinder or help you, so you should always follow the law each time you’re arrested and released.

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