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So you got arrested for a crime… now what?

After you’re taken into custody, the next order of business is figuring out how to get out. The entire process shouldn’t take too long, especially if you’re working with the Best bail bond company Denver has to offer. Once you’ve posted bail, it’s important to know how to conduct yourself so that you can avoid getting locked back up.

Here are a few things to remember when you’re out on bond:

1. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Make good on your contractual obligation with the people who bailed you out of jail. You need to keep in constant contact with your bondsman to reassure them that you don’t intend to run off. Don’t forget that the only reason why you’re free is because they decided to invest in your trustworthiness.

2. Avoid doing drugs or getting intoxicated.

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol could lead to all sorts of trouble, especially at a time when you need to be at your best. Trying to be sober will help you avoid another chance at getting arrested. If it’s something you have a hard time dealing with, check with your local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter or ask a friend to keep you busy in the meantime.

3. Avoid any illegal activity.

Since this was what lead to your current circumstance, it’s only wise to not commit any crimes. Getting arrested again could jeopardize your chance at staying out of jail: your bail can be revoked, and you may be thrown in jail while you wait for your case to be resolved.

4. Don’t discuss your case with anyone other than your lawyer.

This is generally a good rule to follow when you’re embroiled in any run-in with the law. Whether you’re the plaintiff, defendant, or witness, any information you share might make its way into your court hearing and threaten your chance at freedom.

5. Be 100% honest with your attorney.

Your lawyer is there for one reason alone: to defend your case. Not being completely honest with him will only risk your chance at freedom. You are both on the same team, so give him the ammo he needs to hit a home run.

6. Be an active participant in defense of your case.

It’s essential that you are aware of everything that happens throughout this entire ordeal. You can do this by educating yourself on the progression of criminal cases, reading the discovery material (police report, witness list, etc.) issued by the Office of the State Attorney, asking questions when you get confused, and clarifying any false information.

7. Appear in court.

Whenever your presence is required, make sure to show up. You will receive official notice either in court or by mail. Make sure that the Clerk of the Court, your bondsperson, and your attorney have your current mailing address. Arrive on time.

In some cases, you may have multiple court appearances, and your bail agreement extends to all these appearances, including sentencing if you are convicted. The bail agreement ends with:

A plea

A jury trial

A dismissal

8. Respect courthouse protocol.

When you are inside the courthouse, and in front of a judge, always present your best self. Speak in a polite tone and manner, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by emotions. Dress in a manner that is respectful and appropriate for the occasion, meaning no wearing of tank tops, flip flops, or short shorts. Tidying up and looking as professional as possible will create a good impression on the judges and the prosecutor evaluating your case.

9. Don’t skip bail.

Failing to show up in court, or leaving town (called “skipping bail”) can cause your bail to be revoked, and you to be locked back up. The court will send out a warrant for your arrest, and a bail enforcement agent (also known as a bounty hunter) will come to find you.

10. Contact your bondsman immediately if you can’t make it to your court appearance.

In emergency cases, you might miss your court date unintentionally. If such a thing happens, make sure to let your bail bondsman and attorney know right away so it won’t be construed as skipping bail. They will help you reschedule your court date so the court won’t have to send out a warrant for your arrest.

Simply getting released from jail isn’t enough; you have to really put in effort to stay out of jail. If you or a loved one got arrested recently, there are bail bonds in Denver that can help you out of your dilemma. If you’re in need of the best bail bond company around Denver, then you’ve found it. Contact us for a free quote today!