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Being arrested and put in jail can be stressful and upsetting. There are factors in many jails that have negative effects on the mental health of a person which include overcrowding, lack of privacy, and various forms of violence. As being in jail can take a serious toll on an individual’s psychological well-being, getting out of there should be the number one priority. Are you looking for your loved one who has been arrested? You can check out inmate locator Colorado for an easier way to find them.

Depending on the crime committed, most offenses are bailable. Bail is the amount of money posted by a defendant to be temporarily released from custody until their prescribed court date. The idea behind bail is to allow defendants to resume their lives, particularly those who are employed and have family commitments. Also, the posting of bail allows jails to reduce overcrowding and to also reduce their custodial burden. 

Judges typically set the bail, and the amount depends on several factors.  In setting the bail, the judge could go with the standard amount, or they can raise or lower the bail, waive bail, and unfortunately for some, be denied rights for bail. As each offense is different, the factors that the judge considers for setting bail include the seriousness of the alleged crime, history of missed court hearings, risk of safety to the public, and past criminal records. For more serious crimes, a higher bail amount will surely be set. Higher bail also applies to defendants of having a history of missing court appearances in the past.

Though bail will be refunded once the defendant has been proven not guilty in court, coming up with a huge amount of bail before release can be difficult. And as time is of the essence during these times, you will need the help of a 24 hour bail bonds company to ensure that you will be released from jail in no time. 

When all the paperwork has been processed by the 24 hour bail bonds company that you hired, you are finally released from jail. Before celebrating and booking a well-deserved overseas vacation somewhere, you need to understand that being released from custody doesn’t necessarily mean you’re already free. 

The question is can you travel while out on bail? In the state of Colorado, traveling while out on bail depends on the case. Travel restrictions will be determined by the court and the judge will decide if the defendant can be permitted to travel. Since travel restrictions can vary depending on the crime committed, it is best to wait for the court to decide on the restrictions that may apply to you. In some cases, a person can be allowed to travel outside of the state but not outside the country. While another person might not be even allowed to step foot outside their home. 

If there is a need to travel, a petition to the court might be needed to request permission to travel while on bail. This is still at the discretion of the judge and will not be automatically granted. Thus, it is best to postpone any vacation plans for the meantime until such time that the verdict has been reached.

Noncompliant defendants on travel restrictions and those who missed their court hearings will face consequences such as revoking the bond and issuing a warrant of arrest.  Ask your trusted bail bondsman what the steps are on how to be more compliant while out on bail. You can even ask them about the inmate locator Colorado for an easier way to find a loved one in jail.