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Denver is a colorful and impressive city. Its art and culture are mesmerizing with its picturesque mountains. In addition, its location lends credence to Denver having one of the most beautiful views of the superb mountain range in the US. But is it also a dangerous city? Well, like other cities, crime bleeds into every neighborhood and there is a presence of pockets of good and bad neighborhoods across Denver. Good thing, whenever involved in foreseen arrests, there is always Denver bonds.  By identifying these neighborhoods, we can stay away from possible danger. 

1. Highland

Overlooking downtown Denver, Highland is a bustling residential neighborhood featuring avenues lined with elegant old homes, chic cocktail bars and trendsetting restaurants. This neighborhood in the 90s suffered crime reports especially with its numerous dodgy areas. The police response is very active and in this area, walking or biking for exploring is only pursued at daytime only.  Night times are less secure for tourists or women traveling alone. Moreover, public transportation comes with fewer reports on crime, invariably leading to less petty theft as cash mugging. 

2. Park Hill

With a population of more than 28,000 people, crimes in Park Hill are more on involving property crimes. There has also been substantial gang activity but barely overwhelming. Police patrol keeps the neighborhood offenders on pins and needles. Day and night exploration is quite safe for visitors. To know more about property crimes, you can check out Denver jail bond.

3. Southwestern Denver

It is one of the neighborhoods with frequent theft incidences and high crimes. Police presence is felt but the neighborhood is not very walkable, so exploring on foot at night time will be a challenge for females traveling alone. 

4. Jefferson Park

Property crimes overwhelms the residents and they commend exploring either day time or night time. 

5. Northwestern Denver

Crimes in this area also involve property crime. The police, however, are seen around the neighborhood but scarcely. Ladies and travelers are safe to explore at night time only preferably. 

6. Central Business District

Residents advised exploring the neighborhood only during the day for fear of illicit activities at night. A lot of activities are coming from the police to make this area one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Denver.

7. Montbello

In June 2020 alone, 21 violent crime incidences and 56 property crimes were reported. Montbello has reported crimes on petty theft, making pickpocketing and mugging a frequent activity in crowded regions. 

8. Alamo Placita

Even though Alamo Placita is exceptionally livable, there are still crimes greater than the Denver average. Wandering and exploring past day time on foot/bike is safe, even for females traveling alone. Petty crimes are rare so moving around so extra caution is advised.

9. Baker

This neighborhood in Denver experiences terrible property crime. The major deed residents find interesting is the easy transportation system and multiple safety is affirmed for visitors.

10. Stapleton

Due to the majority of the crime incidents like property crime and petty crimes, traveling with cash is found to be safe. There are some residents who report on feeling safe walking or biking across the neighborhood at late hours, even for tourists. If you want to help someone who needs 24 hours Denver bonds, there are lots of bondsmen who can help.

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