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Being arrested and going to jail is one of our worst nightmares. Who would want to spend a night in jail, right? No one. Our initial reaction would be thinking of how to get out of jail fast. Running to the door of the precinct and screaming is definitely not an option. Getting help from Denver bail bonds is.

The key to getting out of jail fast is usually by paying bail. However, not all crimes are subject to bail such as murder which is a heinous crime that the judge may not believe to be prudent for release. If it is a less serious crime, the court will set an amount needed to be paid to be released from custody until the trial date. Contrary to popular belief, bail is not a fine and its purpose is to only ensure that the defendants will appear in court on the day of their trial. The money will be returned to the defendant if the trial is over less the processing fee depending on the state.

The judge decides the amount of bail depending on factors such as type of the crime alleged, risk of defendant fleeing, etc. In this case, the judge may set a huge amount of bail and not all people can afford this sudden expense. The good news is that you can get out of jail fast without paying the whole bail amount set by the court. If you have no money to pay the bail, you can avail of Denver bail bonds wherein an agent or dealer will pay the amount set by the judge on your behalf to secure your release. There are many 24 hour bail bonds companies that offer good deals and are definitely a good option if you want to get out of jail fast. 

Here are three main advantages of why availing a bail bond is your best option:

1. You can save money

Not all people have extra money to spend on bail. And if you want to get out of jail fast, availing yourself of a bail bond agent is your best option since the bail bond agency will pay the amount on your behalf and you will only need to pay a 10% fee. There are also flexible payment options depending on your bail bond agent and the guys in Reds Anytime Bail Bonds have incredible offers so that you can be at ease at home while waiting for your court date. They are also a 24 hour bail bonds company.

2. Less hassle and effort could save you time

Bail bond agents know the ins and out of the bail system and they will do all the process on your behalf. Since bail bondsmen are trained and are required to have a certification, it means that they are knowledgeable on how to make the process easier on your part. 

Cash bail usually requires the full amount of payment and if you are the one gathering the money yourself, it could take a while and you might stay in jail longer. Availability of a bail bond will save you time and you can be with your family in no time. If you are looking for a Denver bail bond, check one here.

3. Convenience and Confidentiality

Being arrested and held in jail is a sensitive matter and there is certain information that we want to remain confidential. Bail bondsman understands that confidentiality is very important and will handle your case with honesty and dedication. They can also provide a greater level of convenience since you can opt to pay smaller installments for a period of time. Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds is a trusted bail bond provider in Colorado and will definitely provide you with the best service possible. No need to worry anymore and you can confidently wait for your court date at home.