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If you or someone you know gets arrested, the first thing you must be thinking is how to get yourself or someone you know out of jail. Posting bail can be done quickly and efficiently through a bail bonds agent in Denver, but choosing your bail bonds agency can be a little confusing especially during the urgency and pressure during an arrest. 

The bail bonds business is quite large, and you might find a range of companies and agencies to choose. Although most of them are reliable and honest, there are also these unethical and unreliable companies out there which can cause you additional stress and headaches on top of the ordeal you are already experiencing. 

Here are four things to consider when choosing the right bail bonds agency to help you:

24/7 Availability

No one knows when an arrest can occur. You can be living the good life today, but might get into unexpected trouble later on. It is important that you can contact a bail bonds agency in Denver Colorado  that is readily available anytime. Time is very essential when you get arrested, since not bailing out as soon as possible can get the defendant in a worse situation like being transferred to a county jail. Assistance from a readily-available agency for bail bonds in Denver Colorado can be very crucial to prevent this from happening.


When hiring professional services such as bail bonds in Denver Colorado, it is very important that the agency has a very good reputation and track record. You can check the agency’s reviews and testimonials, and also if the agency is licensed to do the services. The license will prove that the agency you will be working with is well-trained and authorized by the law, and separates good and trusted agencies from scams and frauds.

Customer Service

A bail bonds business is just like any other businesses out there. Since you are paying for their services, you should be expecting professionalism and the best solutions for the problems you are trying to solve. Customers that avail bail bonds services are usually confused, anxious and scared. The best and reliable bail bonds agencies in the Denver area know how to deal with these customers, answer all their questions and can make them feel that they are in good hands.

Transparency On Fees And Charges

Working with bail bond agencies involves costs. A trustworthy bail bonds agency will be transparent about their fees and charges. You can even ask them for the basis of these costs. Be wary of deceptively cheap offers. Some agencies even offer 5% bail or another amount that is lower than the 10% bail bond standard premium required in most states. These fraud agencies are using people’s anxiety and urgency of the situation to make them sign these suspicious offers, while making them unaware of the hidden charges and other unforeseen payments.

When it comes in choosing the right agency for bail bonds in Denver Colorado, Red’s anytime bail bonds should be on your list. Call us at 303-623-2245 and we will gladly be of assistance!