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Bail Bonds in times of Corona

The spread of Coronavirus in the world does not exempt those who are staying in jail. According to Colorado health institute, since the start of the pandemic over 16,000 cases have been reported at Colorado prisons, jails or other correctional and detention facilities. This is 6,000 fewer cases that have been reported from the cases in care homes in Colorado (22,620) as of January 2021. 

bail bond services during covid 19

Let us not be complacent of the pandemic especially if we have someone we know who is awaiting a trial in prison. The good thing is that the bail bond industry is part of the essential business during this crisis. It wouldn’t be hard for you to find bail bonds in Denver. Getting your loved ones quickly out of jail might be crucial due to the additional threat of COVID-19 but because of bail bonds in Denver who remained open amidst pandemic gives us more hope to fight.

Red’s Anytime bail bonds has over 40 years of experience in the industry and is one of the first licensed bail bonds agencies in Denver, Colorado.

Here are some tips on how you can avail bail bonds services in time of pandemic:

Call your trusted bail bond agency

Being safe and thinking of your own safety is a requirement of this pandemic so instead of showing up at the physical office, inquire first if the bail bond agency has an option to do the paperwork that does not need an in-person visit.

If possible, process the bail bonds over the phone or online

Ask if you can sign the needed documents electronically. If you are set up to receive faxes, ask if the documents or forms can be faxed to you, if not you can inquire if they can email it to you. Once you get the forms, you can review them carefully and follow their instructions before returning the docs to your bail bonds agency.

Most likely, you will be asked for proof of your identity like a state issued ID and proof of your address or recent utility bill. It is normal but if you’re hesitant to provide confidential information right away, you can call your bail bonds agency to confirm. It’s not bad to be extra cautious since we are doing the process over the phone or online. 

In-person processing

Once you have submitted and reviewed the needed documents on the bail bonds, your agency might contact you to show up and that’s okay. Before going, be sure to ask about their health protocols so that your health wouldn’t be compromised. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ask your bail bonds agency’s payment options

Payment is also crucial in doing errands and transactions in this time of pandemic. You can ask your agency if you can process the payment online. The less contact with other people outside your house the better.

In times like this, being safe is as important as getting our loved ones the best and trusted bail bonds agency we can. So go to your reliable bail bonds in Denver, Colorado now.