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When you or someone you know is arrested and charged with a crime in Boulder County, finding a reliable boulder county bondsman and securing a boulder county bail bond are two important things you need to do to be released from jail. This is crucial as it allows you to maintain your employment or family obligations while your case is still pending. By paying a small percentage of the set bail which is usually 10 to 15% or providing some form of collateral, you can now secure your or your loved one’s release. Collateral assures the boulder county bondsman that you will follow all the conditions in your bail bond and show up when you are asked to.

Here are five reliable forms of collateral accepted for bail bonds.

Real Estate

Real estate is considered one of the most common forms of collateral and is also the most reliable one. It can be your home, farmland, or vacation property. The reason why real estate is a big plus when used as collateral is that it can’t be concealed and its value is easy to evaluate. For your property to be used as collateral, you should be the primary owner of the property and it should be in good condition. Finally, you just need to file a deed of trust to indicate that the bail bond company has the authority over the property.

Stocks and Bonds

If you have stocks or bonds, you can use them as collateral by handing over your legal ownership to the bail bond company. You need to show evidence of your assets. Once you no longer have an obligation to the bail bond company, your investments will be returned to you.


Firearms are valuable possessions that can also be used as collateral to secure bail bonds. It can be handguns, long guns, or even crossbows so long as its value is sufficient to cover both the bail bond amount and the expenses of the bondsman.

Precious Metals

Precious metals such as gold, silver bullion, or platinum can also be used as collateral because their value is easy to assess. The bail bond company will have them valued to see if its value can be applied to the amount of premium you owe them.


Another reliable form of collateral accepted to secure bail bonds are vehicles with high value. It can be cars, trucks, boats, or even aircraft! You will need to provide some documents to the bail bond company signifying the true value of your vehicle.

Deciding what form of collateral you should use to secure a Boulder Bounty bail bond is an important decision. It is a matter of determining which ones you have available and can use should you need to settle your obligations. Fortunately, a reliable bail bond company will save you from this headache. They will make sure to constantly check on the defendant to guarantee they show up on their court date as scheduled. In no time, you will get your collateral back.