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The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting lives. We are restricted from going outside their homes unless it’s dire necessary. Large gatherings are prohibited, schools and churches are closed, movie theatres and entertainment events are canceled, and hospitals are currently at capacity.

The crisis is also taking its toll on the country’s judicial system.

It has become imperative for the Denver, CO justice system to take the necessary steps to prevent further spreading of the disease. Initial actions in prisons and jails are being recommended to control the spread of COVID-19, such as reducing the number of incarcerations through personal recognizance or bail bonds. There are also calls for the conditional release of low-risk inmates and reassessing Denver bail bonds

Judicial System of Colorado

Denver is the 2nd judicial district of the 22 districts in the state of Colorado. District boundaries are aligned with county borders; however, most districts are comprised of multiple counties,  with only four counties being their own judicial district.

It is tasked with two principal objectives: to protect the rights of the citizens and to interpret the law as it relates to each case presented. 

District courts are in charge of civil claims, felony criminal matters, juvenile matters, mental health, probate, divorce proceedings, and water cases. In addition, Denver is the only district in Colorado that has separate probate and juvenile courts.   

Although each district has its policies on how to control coronavirus outbreak, the Colorado Judicial Branch is advising residents to avoid coming to the courthouse under certain conditions. There are limits imposed for in-court appearances, so an offender who needs to attend bail bond hearing can do so through the help of a 24-hour bail bonds Denver agency.

The Colorado Supreme Court has already suspended some of its operations, especially all jury calls in state courts, through April 3 and extended through May 15. But because it is not possible to cease the judicial operations entirely, courts otherwise remain open for matters including, but not limited to:


  • for permanent protection order hearings and temporary civil protection orders
  • for emergency risk protection orders and temporary emergency risk protection orders
  • to appoint an emergency guardian and special conservator


  • detention hearings for juvenile delinquency cases
  • revocation hearings on accusations to revoke probation involving an inmate defendant
  • shelter hearings in neglect cases and dependency or other juvenile proceedings
  • hearings on motions to decrease or restrict parenting time and parental abduction prevention


  • to protect criminal defendants’ and inmates’ rights under the Constitution, including in plea agreements and bond-related matters
  • for emergency mental health matters


  • Crime Rule 5 advisement for inmates and the initial setting of bail



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