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Imagine you are peacefully driving back home from work and suddenly blue and red lights show up behind your car to pull you over. What should you do?

Regardless of it’s a routine traffic stop, being stopped by the police is a nerve-wracking experience. You must remain calm, be honest, and be extra careful when talking to the police, answering their questions, or reacting to the situation.

Here are some guidelines to address traffic stops peacefully:

Turn on your car’s emergency flashers.

By doing so, you’re acknowledging the signals of the officer and telling them you’re planning to pull over.

Pull over safely.

Find a spot where you and the police officer can safely pull over. If it’s night time, it is best to park in a well-lit area.  Stay calm and follow safety measures while pulling over the car.

Stay in your car.

Wait until the police officer approaches your vehicle and keep your hands on the steering wheel. Refrain from getting out of your car; the officer might misinterpret this as a form of aggression.

Turn your engine off before rolling down your car window.

Do this to convey a message that you’re ready to cooperate and have no intention to flee. If it is dark inside your car, turn on your dome lights for better visibility.

Keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Police officers assume everyone may be a threat in every situation, including individuals who might carry a weapon. Keep your hands visible to the officers. If you have a gun, let the officers know because; some states legally require you to disclose this kind of information.

Invoke your right to remain silent.

During a series of questions, you can say that you are refusing to answer self-incriminating questions. You can also tell them that you will need a lawyer. However, bear in mind that identifying queries, such as your name, must be given to the authorities.

Don’t consent to a search.

Although you are innocent and have nothing to hide, it’s best to exercise your right as stated in the Fourth Amendment—unless the authorities saw a probable cause. If the police officer is asking for your permission to search your vehicle, decline politely.

Obtain legal representation.

If you display good behavior, but the police officer isn’t permitting you to go, ask them if you are going to be arrested. And if they say so, make sure to get in touch with your lawyer for legal assistance and get a Denver bail bonds agency to help you get out of jail fast.


When pulled over, the easiest way out is to cooperate with the authorities. Do not risk an arrest! If, by any chance, you were arrested and detained, call for legal assistance. You must also call Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds to expedite the Denver bail bonds process and save you from sitting in jail.