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An arrest can prove to be a difficult time for you and your family. In the State of Colorado, Individuals who committed minor offenses have the option to get out of jail through bail. The 2015 Colorado Bail Book provides that granting bail helps “avoid unnecessary pretrial incarceration” that “causes lost employment and housing, disruption in education, and damage to family relationships.”

Upon securing temporary freedom through the help of a Denver bail bonds service, the released individual must meet several conditions stipulated in the bail agreement and as mandated by the court.

We offer a laundry list of things that you should and should not do while out on bail.

You Should…

Appear in scheduled court hearings

The court expects all individuals who are out on bail to be present for all court-set dates. This is the number one condition for temporary release through bail. In fact, the judge grants posting of bail only to defendants who are not flight risks.

Immediately inform your agent if you forget court dates

As emphasized above, failure to appear in hearings is a big deal in the eyes of the court. When unable to (because of acceptable reasons), you must promptly notify your agent who, in turn, will inform the court and may be allowed to set you up for another court date.

Always update your bail bond agency

Until your case is closed, you have to regularly give your Denver county bail bonds agent updates on changes in your status and other life circumstances. For example, notify your bail bond agent when you change your address, employment status, contact number, or civil status.

Continue to go to work

Going to work will benefit you as a defendant. While continuing to work enables you to pay your legal case expenses, it also demonstrates that, despite your case, you are able to contribute to the community and not a threat to society.

Spend quality time with your family

Getting out while on bail allows you to be with your family during these tough times. Spending time with them helps you get your life back on track and avoid committing another offense.

Improve yourself

You have to prove to the judge that you want to improve yourself. Show your intention to live a good life. You can either try to learn other skills or go back to school.

Hire a lawyer

Aside from your bail bond agent, another professional who will help you in your case is a good lawyer. Finding a good lawyer can help you establish the merits of your case and even get out of jail permanently.

You Should Not…

Travel outside the state or country

Some bail bond agreement still allows the defendant to travel outside the city, but be sure to inform your Denver bail bonds service provider about your travel plans. However, in most cases, defendants are not allowed to travel anywhere outside the city. This is to ensure that offenders don’t get the chance to flee from their obligations.

Get into illegal activities

This is a no-brainer. While out on bail awaiting your trial, you need to be on your best behavior. Avoid conflicts or fights that may get you arrested. Never commit another offense while you’re out on bail or you risk losing your chance of gaining real and lasting freedom.

Nobody wants to spend another hour in jail following an arrest. For all your bail bond needs, visit Red’s Anytime Bail Bonds! Call us at 303-623-245 to get an exact quote.