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If you’ve been arrested in Colorado, the experience can be very traumatic. Thankfully, every suspect or defendant has a chance at temporary freedom by posting bail with the help of an experienced bail agent like a 24 hour Denver bail bondsman.

Bail is the amount that you have to pay to the court in exchange for the temporary liberty it grants you while your case is at trial. Because most arrests are unplanned however, it’s highly possible that you won’t have the cash on hand to post the amount of bail needed.

Let’s start by explaining how bail bonds work. Bail is often the only way for an arrested person to obtain release while his/her case is still in court.

Pursuant to the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the amount of bail can’t be excessive, but some judges set high bail amounts to make sure that high risk defendants won’t flee and will comply with certain bail conditions.

Bail can be posted in cash, property or any item of value that a suspect or defendant gives to a court in exchange for their temporary release. It also serves as a guarantee that they won’t flee and return to court to stand trial. If the suspect doesn’t show up on his/her court date, the court has the power and authority to forfeit the bail and issue a warrant for the suspect’s arrest.

Is there Anything You Can Do if You Can’t Post Bail?

You only have a few options if you don’t have enough cash to post bail.

Stay and Wait

Staying in jail to wait for the judge to declare your innocence is obviously not ideal. When you get arrested, a judge will set a corresponding bail amount. If your offense is fairly minor and the judge has no reason to believe you will skip bail, the court might just let you go based on personal recognizance. But if a bail is set and you don’t have the money to pay for it, then you might be forced to stay and wait.

Seek the Help of a Loved One

Calling a family member for help during tough times is always worth a try. After all, who else would you expect to help you when you’re in a tight situation? You should at least let your family members know that you need help, and hope that someone will have the kindness and generosity to lend you the cash you need to pay the bail amount.

Get a Bail Bond

Getting a bail bond is a good choice if you can’t raise enough cash to pay for your bail. This should help you to obtain release so that you can continue to function normally as a person and family member while your case is in progress. Just bear in mind that a bail bond is a form of surety for the total bail amount which the court can forfeit in case you fail to appear on your court date. You pay the bail agency 10 – 15% of the total bail amount as a bail bond fee. Just be sure to obtain your bail bond from a reputable bail bonds service that Denver lawyers prefer.

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