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Being the subject of an arrest is a stressful and scary thing. It is also causes a lot of stress and worry for the arrested individuals friends and family. Many people can only imagine the feeling of being arrested and most have no idea what what they should do if someone close is arrested.

If you just received a call that someone in the family was arrested in Denver, Colorado, you may feel panic, especially if you don’t know how to help the person arrested. At this point you’re asking yourself over and over what your loved one is going through – and the thought of it is simply excruciating.

The stress you feel with the arrest of your loved one is triggered by your fear of the unknown. It is therefore a good thing to know what the defendant is going through. This will enable you to move on to the next step – find a bail bondsman in Denver. By posting bail or bail bond, you can help your loved one get out of jail to fight the charges they’re facing outside of prison bars.

But before you can post bail, your loved one must first go through the arrest process.

There are lots of scenarios that can get people arrested. In a majority of cases, the arrest happens right at the alleged crime scene. In some instances though, enforcers of the law conduct an arrest only after they have gathered sufficient evidence to obtain a warrant of arrest from a judge. Whatever is the cause and procedure of the arrest, the arresting officer is duty bound to take the suspect to the jail of the county where the crime was allegedly committed – for the booking process.

The Colorado Booking Process

After an arrest, booking is almost always the next step. This can be time-consuming depending on the volume of work the police precinct has to process at the moment as well as the efficiency of its staff.

A lot of things happen during the booking process, but these are the most important ones:

  • Police conduct a full body search
  • The name of the suspect and the nature of his crime is recorded on a computer blotter
  • Questioning – about affiliation in any gangs or association with any group that may affect a suspect’s time in jail
  • Computer or ink-based fingerprinting – running the suspect’s fingerprint through a crime database
  • Background checking & checking of state and national records for pending warrants against the suspect
  • Mugshot taking – as part of the suspect’s booking record
  • Medical Examination and health screening (e.g. blood test, x-ray)
  • Taking DNA sample from the suspect
  • Removing suspect’s clothing and personal effects, and replacing them with jail-appropriate clothing

There are various reasons why a suspect has to go through every stage of the booking process.

The background check, for example, is intended to discover whether the defendant has a criminal record or any outstanding warrants.

The purpose of the mug shot is to register the suspect’s physical appearance and condition during the arrest. The police may also use the mug shot in a photo lineup when a victim is asked to identify suspects.

The items taken up are the most important as far as important events that happen during an arrest is concerned.

Now that you are aware of the steps after an arrest, you should at least have some peace of mind to move on to your next step: posting bail for the release of your loved one. It is a separate process with its own rules but we have covered them in our blog and FAQ sections.

So if you receive a call that someone you love has been arrested, your best move would be to  find a bail bondsman Denver defense lawyers trust.

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