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Options for Drug Possession

Did you know that Possession of illegal drugs is one of the most commonly charged crimes in Colorado? In many states, there has been an effort to relieve overcrowding in prisons by softening the penalties for non-violent drug offenders. Colorado is among these and while it has legalized the possession and recreational use of marijuana, possession of most controlled substances remains a felony in the state. If you are charged with possession, you need to take the charge seriously, and evaluate your options. One wise alternative in Boulder County is a bondsman. Bail bonds in Boulder Country are an attempt to ensure that innocent people are not punished for crimes they did not commit. It is a buffer to grant an opportunity to secure your freedom during the time between your arrest and your trial. A judge will set a dollar value for bail. What essentially happens is that you pay a deposit to the court in that amount, to secure your freedom during the trial. The deposit is returned if you make all scheduled appearances; once the case is over, whatever the outcome, bail can be returned. If you fail to appear for court, you forfeit your bail.

Cost of Drug Felony Charges in CO

Drug charges do not come cheaply. Below is an approximate bond amount based upon the severity of the felony charge.

Drug Felony & Bail Chart

In many cases the bond amount is not a viable option. This is where a Boulder County Bondsman comes into play. Red’s AnyTime Bail Bonds has over 40 years of experience in the industry and is one of the first licensed bail bonds Boulder County agencies in Colorado. We provide a variety of services for your convenience and always produce results. We’ll work with you to ensure the best deal possible.

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